Now more than ever it’s very important to be online, to have your business in the virtual world. 

Because we want to help business all around the world, we created a special designed service for the companies that are in a way or another affected by the Corona Virus aka COVID-19. BeeONLINE it’s an initiative with a single purpose and that is to make your company more visible online.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for using the website

The website and all the domains, subdomains, and related applications are the direct property of S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L., commercial enterprise registered in Romania, under the J12/2131/2019, CUI RO41233925 registration number at the Commercial Register, with the registered office in Cluj-Napoca, Somesului Street, nr. 5, Cluj County, represented by Mr. Bora Teodor Manuel, as a trustee.

Visiting the website, the interaction with it and any other action that involves the website and applications, its domains and subdomains represents the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, do not access this website.

Description of the Services

The website is the presentation website of the S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L enterprise, the latter being a web design company which offers services of websites and online stores development/ management, online advertising, website maintenance, domain selling and hosting.

S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L. makes available all of the information contained in this website for informational purposes, but not guaranteeing their accuracy at a certain given moment. We will try to update the website every time we change certain information. If it has not been updated, and the information presented is inaccurate, we don’t take any responsibility.

The Request and Contracting for the Purpose of Providing Services

The Request of Services can be made via the contact form on the website or via contacting the S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L. administrator, in any written or telephonic mean or by visiting the firm’s office.


S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L. operates under the 100% warranty policy when it comes to provision of services. At the moment of a service delivery, the beneficiary has the right to refuse the service in its final form, within 5 days, the provider being forced to fully return the amount paid by the beneficiary.

Moreover, the two parties are bound to respect the contract’s obligations and have the rights mentioned in the service provision contract, negotiated by both parties.

Absence of Imputability

S.C. REM.10 BRANDING SERVICES S.R.L. (owner of the website) can’t be held responsible in any way for the losses or damage someone may suffer as a result of using in a certain way the information presented on this website. We do not encourage the use of information in any other mean than the informational one, given the fact that they are copyright protected.

Any user that visits and uses the content of this website for their personal purposes, does it on his own risk.

Furthermore, we are not responsible for the losses or damage of any type that resulted due to interpretation of some badly transmitted information by the beneficiary to the provider.


Any visitor of the website has the obligation to keep the confidentiality over the information and provisions laid down through the interaction with this website (or of the information within the negotiated contract).

All of the information on this website is copyright protected, being confidential and subject to the non-competition provision (unfair competition), and the criminal clauses stipulated during the negotiation of a contract.

Revisions of Terms and Conditions

The owner of the website may revise the information on the website at any moment, without a prior notification of the users, the users being bound to accept these modifications and to acknowledge them.

To make sure that you have acknowledged the latest terms, visit frequently the terms and conditions page, but also the confidentiality policies page.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Conditions of Use are under the jurisdiction of the Romanian laws. Thus, the competent courts of Romania will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that may occur between parties because or related to the provisions of the Conditions of Use and/or the website’s content.